#49 The non-negotiable, governing laws of platform presence.

Sun Tzu Principle: “The art of war, then, is governed by five constant factors…”

Sun Tzu opened his writings with this positioning statement, “The art of war is of vital importance to the State. He then went on to outline five governing factors – call them laws or principles – that were vital to success in war. He described them as a “road either to safety or to ruin and could on no account to be neglected”.

This is a lot like the battlefield that platform presence finds itself in. as we’ve already talked about in this podcast series. The world of business pitch, presentation, and public speaking is a lot like a battlefield of internal and external wars.  If you haven’t listened to them yet, go back to episodes 32,33 and 34 and check them out.

I want to unpack some thinking on the non-negotiable, governing laws of platform presence over the next few episodes, and examine how each of the elements relate to platform presence which leads to platform mastery in business pitching, presenting and speaking in public.

There are eight elements to Platform Presence. They are, the ability to engage, persuade impact, and compel an audience using passion, purpose, posture, and projection.

These eight elements are the non-negotiable, governing laws, and… to borrow the phrase from Sun Tzu… they are of ‘vital importance’ to your business, your brand, your reputation, your journey to platform mastery… and should on no account be neglected.

Let me leave you today with an action point, something for you to take away today.

Imagine yourself standing in front of an audience and there is a rush inside you, a surge of energy that is channeled through clarity and focus. This is a moment of magic, a moment that could be frozen in time – a moment you will never forget.

You know and the audience knows… that this moment in time is special.

What is this moment?

It’s that moment when you know… you are engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling. You know and the audience know that you are passionate, you have clarity purpose for being in front of them and your posture is open, inviting, balanced and authoritative and you are delivering your message, your story with discipline, dedication, drive and determination.

Imagine it.

This is the beginning of mastery.

More to come.

About the author: Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau is a Certified Master Coach, Author and Corporate Consultant with over 30 years experience. He is a Master Presenter and developer of the 13 Box Presentation System and The EPIC Presenters Masters of Influence programs.

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