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If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or solopreneur and your business is built on your intellectual property, your knowledge, your expertise and your experience...

Then this workshop will be a defining moment in your business!

Have you been asking yourself these five important questions?

  1. How do I become a trusted advisor to my clients?
  2. How do I build credibility in the eyes of my client?
  3. How do I guide my client to see the opportunities for their success?
  4. How do I help my clients select the best solution for their business?
  5. How do I make myself memorable, a standout from others competing for my clients attention?

There is no dodging or escaping the demand of this mandate. If a business is going to be ‘in business… it MUST - ‘Find, Win, Keep & Grow, profitable, loyal clients’ or it will not be in business!

Here’s a brutal truth.

Sadly, most businesses Find, Win, Keep and Grow by accident, or at best, they use outdated, commodity based techniques - like features and benefit selling.

Traditionalists have been preaching features-and-benefits selling for ages. Apparently they think it gets results, but we know differently. We know that focusing on features and benefits do not lead people to make buying decisions.

Everyone is saying the same thing!

Most businesses exist in an overcrowded market where everyone is saying the same thing… only in a different dialect.

They tell their story, expressing their claims of a value offering...
present some features and benefits
move on to the obligatory 'overcome the objection exercise
then round things out with a ‘closing technique’ or two,
followed by a  hope and a prayer!

We told our clients that hope was a useless strategy!

15 years ago we introduced a concept that changed the rules…

...and it worked, really well!

We told our clients to stop selling the traditional way. Instead, we introduced and coached them in how to ask questions, but not just any kind of questions.

We taught them how to ask Discovery Questions.

We taught them how to take their potential clients on a journey of discovery into what was, and was not working in their business and together, they would experience a greater return of investment on time, energy and resources in the form of a mutually profitable, loyal relationship.

The results for the Stop Selling. Start Discovering! approach to business development was astonishing. It made no difference whether the client was in insurance or freight forwarding, software or financial planning…

...The principles worked, and worked with distinction. 

This approach to business development was so effective, a nationwide franchise client adopted it as their business winning strategy and within a matter of months launched into a growth cycle that set records and created a business that generated literally millions of dollars in sales… year on year!

Here’s what you will learn in this 2-3 hour workshop:

One Your Non-Negotiable Mandate

What you will learn: All businesses operate under a non-negotiable mandate, which is to Find, Win, Keep & Grow profitable, loyal clients… or cease to exist. In this opening session we explore the specifics in each element and then give you a template to define a strategy for each one.

Two Five Levels of Business Existence


What you will learn: A business will operate in one of five levels of existence: Start-up, Stability, Success, Significance & Superiority. Knowing how to recognise the level of existence will enable you to determine the mindset of a prospect so you can unlock it, and the language required to do so.

Three The Progression to Change

What you will learn: The ability to create and sustain a healthy position of Constructive Dissatisfaction (when the prospect or client tells you they need to do something to change the current situation, and do it now!) is one of the hallmarks of effective business development. You will take away a specific game plan for each of the stages (Satisfied, Neutral, Aware, Concerned, Critical, Crisis) in The Progression To Change Continuum.

Four Understanding Relationship Expectations

What you will learn: A potential client has an unspoken, and often unknown, expectation in the kind of relationship they want. Using a Relationship Matrix of Low/High Commodity vs. Low /High Relationship you will be able to easily position the ‘relationship expectations’ of the potential client with clarity and focus. This equips you with the power to unlock vision and inspire passion in the business development process.

Five Recognising Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships


What you will learn: Every relationship, both personal and business, is subject to the laws of the relationship continuum. All relationships start with the promise of mutual Cooperation and when it is no longer a mutually Cooperative relationship then it moves up the continuum to Retaliation, and then Domination and finally will end up in Isolation.You will learn how to recognise the essential ‘relationship skills’ required to start and grow healthy relationships.

(Honestly… this one part of the workshop is worth thousands of dollars in business as well as a way to save personal relationships from hurt, tears and breakups!)


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Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau

Master Presenter, Cert. Master Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker

Eugene has over 30 years coaching, consulting and training experience at the coalface of presentations, pitch management and executive communication development. He's trained over 10,000 people in 8 countries, written three books, is certified as Master Coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute in Sydney, Australia and is the creator of the 13 Box Presentation System, the 10 Week Platform Mastery Mastermind Programme, the 9-Hour Discovery Challenge and The Foundation of Presentation Mastery Two Day Workshop.