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The 9-Hour Discovery Challenge

“The quality of questions you ask will determine the level of relationship.”

~ Eugene Moreau

We told our clients that hope was a useless strategy!

15 years ago we introduced a concept that changed the rules…

...and it worked, really well!

We told our clients to stop selling the traditional way. Instead, we introduced and coached them in how to ask questions, but not just any kind of questions.

We taught them how to ask Discovery Questions.

We taught them how to take their potential clients on a journey of discovery into what was, and was not working in their business and together, they would experience a greater return of investment on time, energy and resources in the form of a mutually profitable, loyal relationship.

The results for the Stop Selling. Start Discovering! approach to business development was astonishing. It made no difference whether the client was in insurance or freight forwarding, software or financial planning…

...The principles worked, and worked with distinction. 

This approach to business development was so effective, a nationwide franchise client adopted it as their business winning strategy and within a matter of months launched into a growth cycle that set records and created a business that generated literally millions of dollars in sales… year on year!



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Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau

Master Presenter, Cert. Master Coach, Author and Keynote Speaker

Eugene has over 30 years coaching, consulting and training experience at the coalface of presentations, pitch management and executive communication development. He's trained over 10,000 people in 8 countries, written three books, is certified as Master Coach with the Behavioral Coaching Institute in Sydney, Australia and is the creator of the 13 Box Presentation System, the 10 Week Platform Mastery Mastermind Programme, the 9-Hour Discovery Challenge and The Foundation of Presentation Mastery Two Day Workshop.