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They light a fire in an audience, then inspire them to keep it going.


Eugene has been motivating audiences since he was 18 years old.

He has been a professional speaker, for 39 years... that means, Eugene has been paid to stand in front of audiences for close to 40 years to help leaders unlock, inspire and engage ‘essential change’ in their teams.

The bottom-line, something will change because of Eugene’s message!

A fire starter....

Eugene has worked with various commercial businesses, not-for-profits, and spiritual based organisations and his keynotes/motivational workshops cover four topics: Clarity, Focus, Passion & Commitment.

The 10,000 hour principle...

Eugene’s hard-earned personal experience is built on more than 10,000 hours of conference speaking, workshops and client engagement, which places him in an elite group of communicators. He connects and communicates from a deep well of personal and professional experience, the kind that is earned… not bought.
Because of his experience, Eugene shapes the content to fit the current challenges and opportunities of the business. One size does not fit all!

Proven content development process...

Eugene has a simple but very effective content development process called ‘The Discovery Process’, which allows him to discover, diagnose, design and deliver the message that inspires change and flames passion.

Whether meeting virtually, or in person, a discovery session is always the starting point to ensuring an effective message. This is done by engaging the leader, or lead team in some cases, around the four P’s of message development: People, Principles, Philosophy & Performance.

Identifying the topic that fits best...

Eugene has a range of topics that helps to identify and positon the keynote message or workshop.

For example...

  • The Difference Between Buy-In and Ownership
  • The Five Principles of a Game Changer Business
  • The Art of Vision Casting: Leading from Outside the Bus!
  • Is It Time for Your Business to Leave Almost?
  • How to Inspire Passion: Secrets of Radical Leadership
  • The Four-Dimensional Culture: Drive, Dedication, Discipline & Determination
  • How to Avoid the Success Trap

What other leader's have to say...

“Eugene Moreau has had a significant impact upon the shaping of our company. Over a number of years, he has worked with us to develop business focus and performance, both one on one with team members and in larger sessions and groups.

Eugene’s insights and expertise have helped us immeasurably. If you are looking to radically improve your sales and marketing strategy, Eugene Moreau is the right man for the job. No question.”

Tom Bowden

CEO, Healthlink NZ Ltd.

“Several years ago we found ourselves in significant season of growth. With this growth a requirement for improved leadership and the way we communicated as leaders.

We were introduced to Eugene and he came and spent an afternoon with us, probing us with questions and discussing the various issues that we faced. He spent time to get to know us, our situation and what we really wanted. We retained him on the spot.

Eugene's ability to ‘know and understand’ how people are motivated, and to get the team to open themselves to change and build trusting relationships with each other was practical and real.

Because of Eugene's coaching, mentoring and motivating communication style, our communications, particularly around where we were and where we wanted to go as a company and as a leadership team, went to another higher, much more rewarding level.

I can recommend Eugene and his experience, knowledge and talents for you and your team, especially if you’re on a growth path.”

Pat Teo

CEO, BCS Group

“I have witnessed the results of Eugene working with a group of business leaders and seen remarkable results. His ability to communicate a powerful message in a concise manner is unrivaled. He is truly a Master Communicator and a Master Coach“

Phil Strong

Phil Strong

Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

So... what's next?

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