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Our Story


In 1975 Eugene Moreau stood in front of his first audience, at the age of 15, and delivered seven pages in seven minutes... then sat down completely shattered.

For the last 38 years Eugene has continued to hone and sharpen the craft of standing in front of audiences, all sizes, doing what he does best... unlocking, inspiring and enabling people through the power of communication.​

Since 1990 Eugene has been a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator and designer, proposal strategist and book writer. He has coached over 25 CEO's in the art of communication and is widely known for being a presentation thought leader.

Eugene has been able to work with a diverse of range of industries from freight to technology, from health to automobiles and from financial services to building products. He has been a feature speaker at more than 25 conferences, in five different countries, and continues to this day, to be one of New Zealand's premier platform speakers.

What Eugene brings to a coaching or training engagement is layered years of experience and knowledge. His ability to work with senior leadership, connecting the strategy to operations, has been recognised by those he has worked with as important to the achievement of engagement success.

Borrowing from Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers", Eugene has put in his 10,000 hours and that's what he brings to an engagement...10,000 hours.

Past 5 Years

Over the past few years I've had some interesting and rewarding assignments, ranging from writing two books, developing a personal transition programme, coaching couples on life transition, helping top establish a sales culture in a financial services firm in Sydney, taking the lead for sales development in YMCA Auckland and assisting in the furthering ambition of OptimizerHQ, a technology company based in Auckland.

For more information about my recent assignments, projects and engagements, or to discuss how Eugene Moreau Coaching can unlock vision, inspire passion and equip you and your teams with next level, transformational skills. Connect via social media, email or call Eugene directly.