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“The 13 Box Structure was new to me and now, as result of learning it, I can prepare and deliver more powerful presentations. I thought I was already confident speaker but this Masterclass has really allowed me to express myself at a new level.”  ~ Michelle

“This was a comprehensive, empowering experience. Without a doubt the most valuable professional course I have been on. Initially, I thought two days would be too long, but it was the perfect length to fit all essential learnings in, practice and evaluate each other in this nine-person group.” ~ Graeme

“This two day workshop is probably the best I’ve been on in my life” ~ Kamil

Foundation of Mastery Masterclass Overview

The Foundations of Mastery Masterclass is explicitly designed for business professionals who need to be in control of their business pitch to prospective clients, presentation to boards or management teams, and in selling their ideas and recommendations.

By following the proven 13 Box System for designing and delivering an engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling business presentation you grow in confidence and skills, the kind you need to stand out to any size business audience - from one to thousands.

For two days you will be coached in how to present yourself with integrity and how to persuade with confidence and credibility.

Using the combination of extensive practice, highly detailed feedback and individualised coaching this Masterclass delivers outstanding results, even for experienced presenters.

This is a hands-on, practical, business-relevant, two-day program optimally designed for ten participants.