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are you worthy to speak?

Do they listen when you do? Do you Command Attention? Do you have Platform Presence?

Master the Principles
8 proven principles for platform mastery extracted from Sun Tzu's 'Art of War'.
Create Focus and Clarity
A proven method to structure talks, presentations and speeches up to 5 times faster, with more focus and clarity.
Lead your audience
Learn how to command and hold the attention of your audience from beginning to end.
the art of war for public speakers


Platform Presence


A 10 week immersive training program that will help you master the art of public speaking, presenting and pitching your business. 


Speak with authority and influence
Master proven techniques used by master presenters to influence decisions and create action.
Proven methods and systems
Learn proven systems and methods that will elevate your skills, confidence and ability from good to mastery.
Create Platform Presence
Learn to become a engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling speaker and presenter. Take your skill to the next level.

"Developing your presentation skills to the next level of public speaking mastery"

This program builds upon the skills taught by other presentation skills programs and is designed for Professionals, Leaders and Public Figures who must speak as part of their position, making a good impression first time, every time, to build brand, rapport and authority.

The Mastermind  Format

The Create Platform Presence Mastermind is a small group ( maximum of 10 ) immersive 10 week training program through which you will learn the principles, techniques and disciplines needed to become a master presenter and public speaker.

This program goes beyond the basic skills taught by most public speaking trainers and concentrates on the practical disciplines, mindset and practice of speaking and presenting at a professional level.

Based on principles drawn from Sun Tza, 'Art of War' each week you will develop, practice and be drilled in the preparation and presentation of your own signature speech, presentation or pitch. Learning not only Platform Mastery, but the essential skills of preparation, collaboration, and critique as you work together with the other members of your group.

Ten week program + 1 Grand Finale + Follow-up
Training Method
Facilitation and Coaching - A mix of instruction, group discussion, and personal coaching
A weekly commitment of 3-4 hours is required to achieve best results.
Confidence, Mastery, Platform Presence and a mind-blowing Signature Presentation
An exclusive bonus package valued at over $2,500 and not available with any other offer.

Program Schedule

The Create Platform Presence Mastermind Group is an immersive, intense 10 week program for business leaders, professional speakers and public figures. Using a mix of facilitation, group and individual coaching you will develop the skills, disciplines and mindset necessary to master the art of public speaking at a professional level. This program is designed for those who already consider themselves to be good presenters with a view to elevating their abilities to command an audience and differentiate themselves from their competitors through mastery.

Week 1 Foundations of Platform Mastery
90 min+

Group introductions and Rules of Engagement Briefing.

  1. Art of War Principles: Discover, Diagnose, Design & Deliver
  2. EPIC Principles: Engage, Persuade, Impact & Compel

This session will be longer due to getting to know each other.

Week 2 Reconnaissance, the art of Discovery
90 min

There is no movement without measure, no power in fear when one has gained knowledge, having brought the unknown into the light.

  1. Internal & External Battlefields
  2. 5 Question Reconnaissance Template
  3. The Context Template
Week 3 Analysing to Diagnose
90 min

When you know their WHY, your HOW becomes a guiding light.

  1. Audience Profile Template
  2. Theme Template
  3. Storyboard Template
Week 4 Design and Organising a Presentation
90 min
  1. DPO Template
  2. 13 Box Structure Template
  3. Pattern Template: Problem, Opinion, Thesis, Instruction, Informational
  4. Supporting Material Template: Rhetorical Devices & Visual Aids
Week 5 Deliver(Executing)
90 - 180min
  1. Opening & Closing Template
  2. Rehearsal Template
  3. Platform Presence: Movement, Hand Gestures, Vocal Image, Eye Contact

Note: Certain elements of this session will be videoed for coaching purposes.

Week 6 Engage
90 min
  1. Rapport & Likability
  2. Body Language
Week 7 Persuade
90 min
  1. Using ‘Persuasion’ Language with Integrity
  2. The Relationship Between Influence & Persuasion
Week 8 Impact
90 min
  1. Using All The Stage You Can & Need
  2. Tension and Release Strategies
Week 9 Compel
90 min
  1. Meaningfulness & Relevance
  2. Being Attractive & Authentic
Week 10 Show Time!
  Each Mastermind member will deliver a “Signature Speech” to an audience of invited guest, peers and colleagues. The presentation will be videoed, critiqued and support provided to give it the final polish if needed.

For evaluation and critique purposes parts of this program will be videoed. Members attending a webinar group will need to be able to video their practice sessions. A short instructional tutorial will be provided to help with this, and access to a web-cam or smart phone is all that is required. 

Three Formats Available

There are three (3) formats available for this program; Workshop, Webinar and Corporate. All have a maximum of 10 participants and to facilitate collaboration and provide extended networking opportunities to the group, all members will be drawn from different industry sectors, or provide non-competing services. (With the exception of the Corporate Group)

Currently only available in New Zealand and Australia. The live workshop group meets once a week for training, supplemented with individual coaching either face-to-face or via video call.
Available to International Clients. The webinar group meets once a week via video call, with individual one-on-one coaching also provided by video call.
The corporate group meets once a week either in-house or via video call, with individual one-on-one coaching provided by video call. Please contact us for more information.

"A sword of inferior quality may indeed look imposing - yet shatters at the first strike, just as surely as a general in full armour will fail in battle - having not mastered the art of war"

Mastermind Calendar and Investment

Below you will find the dates for the next Mastermind Group... Currently we run only 2 Auckland based Groups and 2 International Webinar Groups per year. If you are Corporate please enquire for details about how we can facilitate a Mastermind Group for your company.


Starts October 17, 2017 - Auckland NZ

Pre-bookings are now open for the 10 Week Platform Presence Mastermind Group March 16, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand (Venue to be confirmed).

 10 Live Group Sessions
 10 Individual Coaching Sessions
 Quality Manuals and Resources
 12 Month Premium Access to Private Members Club
 $2500 Worth of FREE additional bonuses

NZ$1750+GST Per Person


Starting Late -T.B.A

Pre-bookings are now open for the 10 Week Platform Presence Mastermind Group commencing in late-March 2017.

 10 Live Webinar Group Sessions
 10 Individual Coaching Sessions (via Skype or Zoom)
 Quality Manuals and Resources (Printed Material will be couriered to you)
 12 Month Premium Access to Private Members Club
 $2500 Worth of FREE additional bonuses

US$1750 Per Person


 Dates by arrangement

Please contact us for more information about how we can bring the Platform Presence Mastermind program into your Company, or sponsor a Mastermind Group for your key clients.

 10 Group Sessions
 10 Individual Coaching Sessions
 Quality Manuals and Resources
 12 Month Premium Access to Private Members Club
 Contact us for more information


"Every presentation we do, every speech we give, every interview we conduct is built on the rock solid structure that you’ll find within this workshop. I wish more speakers had this... It would keep me awake at more seminars!”


Sean D’Souza

CEO, PsychoTactics

"There is simply no one who does what Eugene does, as well as Eugene does it!"

Don Sale

GM (Retired)

“I have witnessed the results of Eugene working with a group of business leaders and seen remarkable results. His ability to communicate a powerful message in a concise manner is unrivalled. He is truly a Master Communicator and a Master Coach.”

Phil Strong

Phil Strong

Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

"Eugene is a passionate communicator and his passion for helping others improve their skills is particularly evident in this MasterClinic. I use the foundations he has taught me every time I am asked to speak."

Stuart Cairns

Investment Banker

"...a truly inspirational speaker and trainer, with a genuine heart to help others become more powerful and engaging communicators."


Dick Brunton

Executive Chair, Colmar Brunton

5 Reasons Why Platform Presence Mastery Is For You

There are literally hundreds of coaches offering Presentation Skills Training in one form or another. Each teaching basic techniques in presentation structure, stress reduction, posture and voice control. As a business professional this type of training is an absolute must...

But! Platform Presence Mastery, is not this type of basic training. It is the Master Class for business professionals that absolutely MUST command an audience and lead that audience to act!



In fact we can forget reasons 2 through 5 right here. Think about every speaker who had you on the edge of your seat. Held your attention and had you hanging on every word... Every presenter that can command an audience like that has, "Platform Presence".

As a result of the 10 Week Platform Presence Mastermind, you will MASTER THE ART OF PLATFORM PRESENCE.



You'll learn to master your presentations... from structuring presentations, speeches and pitches up to 5 time fasters, to commanding your feet. I have a saying that I know to be true... "if you master your feet, you master your audience".



Over the 10 week program you will have the opportunity to network with other business professionals. Because of the nature of collaboration and professional critique you'll form trust based relationships... In business, they are the gold medal relations you want to have.  




The mastermind program may be 10 weeks, but many of the skills you'll learn will be immediately transferable to your work environment. As you apply what you've learned your colleagues, peers and clients will take note, probably even make comment about the changes. 

What difference will it make to you and your business if you are a more engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling communicator?



By the end of the Mastermind program you will have crafted, practiced and perfected your keynote speech, presentation or pitch... Now imagine giving your best presentation ever, except this time your audience is on the edge of their seat and you walk away having achieved the best result you've ever experienced... Now imagine that as your new normal. 


Pre-registration allows us to sort through the registrants and create the diverse mix needed to make a mastermind work for everyone.

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Platform Presence Mastermind Group

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