#57 The power of using the word ‘Imagine’

Sun Tzu shared his wisdom in The Art of War, 2300 years ago, we have been spending some time exploring a different look at the five constant factors, which set as the foundation of war. Sun Tzu described them as, Moral Law, Heaven, Earth, The Commander & Method and Discipline.

We’ve lifted the concept of governing laws, or constant factors, and applied the idea to being a platform master, the highest level of communicator.

In platform mastery there are eight constant factors, and they are, to engage, persuade impact, and compel an audience using passion, purpose, posture, and projection. These are the ‘non-negotiable’ for platform presence and when in action, together, will lead to platform mastery.

We’ve been spending our time for the last few episodes on the first factor, engagement. Today, I want to take it a little deeper and open your thinking to using it to open your message.


Let me take it further.

Using that one word, ‘Imagine’ – is probably one of my most favorite ways to open any engagement with an audience. Why?

That one word invites co-creativity between you and your audience. Together, when you use that word, you create a mental image that leads you to a specific destination. One of the best examples of this is found in a Ted Talk by Jane Chen – check it out by clicking this link: Jane Chen’s TED talk.

She speaks about a low-cost incubator that can save many lives in under developed countries. Here’s how she opens, “Please close your eyes and open your hands. Now imagine what you could place in your hands, an apple, maybe your wallet. Now open your eyes. What about a life?” Then, when you open your eyes, you are then face to face with an incredible Anne Geddes’ image of a tiny baby held in an adult’s hands.

It takes using the word ‘Imagine’ to a whole new level.


Here’s the action point of the day.

As you start to shape your next pitch, presentation, or speech, remember the constant factor of engagement and use the word ‘imagine’ as the centerpiece of your opening strategy.

Imagine… There’s more to come.

About the author: Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau is a Certified Master Coach, Author and Corporate Consultant with over 30 years experience. He is a Master Presenter and developer of the 13 Box Presentation System and The EPIC Presenters Masters of Influence programs.

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