#52 Mastery starts with control. (Live Workshop Session Part Three)

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As a speaker, how important is it that we feel significant?

Can we achieve platform mastery if we don’t feel significant?

What happens when we stand, or in some cases sit, in front of an audience and we do not feel in control? We do not feel significant?

Today we are going to finish our live session on Mastery Starts With Control by giving you a little model, which will help you to grasp the importance of feeling significant. I’ll come back at the end of this short session and explore a couple of ideas further.

NOTE: Make sure you listen to the podcast to get the brief explanation of the Significant Speaker Model.

You must ‘like yourself’ if you want to come across with significance!

Feeling significant is critical for platform mastery. Why? Because your audience will know whether or not you believe that what you have to say… is significance or not

An audience is sizing you up when you up the moment they see you. That moment you come into their line of sight they are judging you by your posture. They are judging you by your passion and yes… even by your projection, the way you speak, your vocal image, how your voice sounds and the way you deliver your words.

Platform presence is comprised of those four elements… Passion, Purpose, Posture & Projection. Each one tells a story… your story.

Here’s some interesting info for you.

Speakers move with confident purpose are judged to have strong self esteem.

Speakers that use a flat voice, little or no projection, or speak in a low volume are judged as having low self-esteem.

Speakers that make strong eye contact and feel comfortable within their skin and use natural hand motions are considered to have strong self-confidence.

Speakers who tend to trail off their voice are considered to have low self-confidence.

Here’s the action point of the day.

I have a challenge for you. I learned this from Brian Tracy over twenty years ago, and it works… 100% of the time.

For the next 21 days, every morning as you are preparing for your day, look yourself in the eye and say to yourself, “I like myself. I am an engaging, persuasive, impacting and compelling speaker. I like myself. I am a speaker of authority. What I have to say is important and when I say it… I am significant.”

Go on… I challenge you.

There’s more to come.

About the author: Eugene Moreau

Eugene Moreau is a Certified Master Coach, Author and Corporate Consultant with over 30 years experience. He is a Master Presenter and developer of the 13 Box Presentation System and The EPIC Presenters Masters of Influence programs.

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