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Eugene Moreau Coaching

Our business is to Unlock, Inspire and Equip business professionals to move beyond being a good communicator, to being an engaging, persuasive, impacting, and compelling platform master.

Growing from Good to Mastery

Eugene Moreau has over 10,000 hours in helping business professionals unlock a fresh vision for their life and business, inspiring them to pursue a ‘Good to Mastery’ mindset with passion and then equipping them with knowledge and skills to grow into their vision.

Executive Skills Development

Are you already a GOOD communicator? Now it's time to step up to mastery.

Platform Presence Mastery

An executive level 10 Week Mastermind program developed to take you from 'good' to 'master'. Three hours each week to shape platform presence and become a platform master.

9-Hour Discovery Challenge

9 hours over three days. An intensive program designed to teach sales teams the "Stop Selling, Start Discovering" method of target blowing, client engagement, pitch winning business.

Keynote Speaker

Eugene is a motivational teacher! He lights a fire in an audience, then inspires them to keep it going. An ideal keynote and conference speaker.

YOU and the Who, Why, How of Platform Mastery

Platform Presence that Leads To Platform Mastery programs take up, where other business pitch, presentation and public speaking programs leave off.
Platform Preence and Mastery Masterclasses

Who are you?

You are a business professional, or leader whose role requires you to talk about your business, whether pitching, presenting or public speaking. You consider yourself to be a confident speaker. But you know you need to do something more to move ahead of your competitors. You want to be a Master!

The Why of it

We discovered that in our competitive world - Good - is the new average. That the difference between Good and Great can be summed up in two words, 'Platform Presence'.

How we engage

Many skills can be learned via books, e-learning or "Youtube". What makes Platform Presence that Leads to Platform Mastery different, is that it's more than knowledge, more than techniques, more than principles... The only justifiable way to become a Platform Master is to experience it, in a full immersion learning environment. Anything less would make it good, and we don't do average.

About Us

The journey from Good to Mastery requires help from someone who knows the way!


Over 30 years coaching, consulting and training experience at the coalface of presentations, pitch management and executive communication development. We've trained over 10,000 people in 8 countries.


Certified Master Coach, author and creator of the 13 Box Presentation System, the Foundations of Presentation Mastery and The Art of War for Public Speaker's.


Developed where the Message meets the Audience, our programs have been developed working side by side with business leaders, executive teams and professionals on real projects, pitches, presentations and speeches.


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