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EPIC Presenters

From the Creators or The 13 Box System

EPIC Presenters

From the Creators or The 13 Box System

The EPIC Presenter Masters of Influence

EPIC Presenters is the next level in professional presentation and communication skills development. If you are already a 'GOOD' presenter, the EPIC Presenters Masters of Influence Programs are designed for YOU...

Executive Skills Development

You are already a GOOD Presenter. Now it's time to move your skills up a notch to mastery of influence

EPIC Bootcamps

Bootcamps are 3 hour high energy, fast paced, info-download power punches to the grey matter for busy professionals. They are usually run as a series covering 3 or 4 subjects.

EPIC Presenters 2 day MasterClass

This 2 day workshop moves you beyond being a good presenter, to being an EPIC Presenter, able to Engage, Persuade, Impact and Compel an audience to take action.

Masters of Influence Masterminds

The EPIC Mastermind group is a 6 month coaching program designed for business leaders and senior executives looking to rapidly have business impact.

YOU and the Who, Why, How of EPIC Presenters

EPIC Presenters programs take up, where other Public Speaking and Presentation Skills programs leave off.
EPIC Presenters workshops and master classes

Who are you?

You are a business professional, or leader whose role requires you to talk about your business, whether pitching, presenting or public speaking. You consider yourself to be a confident speaker. But you know you need to do something more to move ahead of your competitors.

The Why of it

We discovered that in our competitive world - Good - is the new average. That the difference between Good and Great can be summed up in a single acronym... “EPIC”, which is the Language of Influence.

How we engage

Many skills can be learned via books, e-learning or "Youtube". What makes EPIC Presenting different, is that it's more than knowledge, more than techniques, more than principles... The only justifiable way to become an EPIC Presenter is to experience it, in a full immersion learning environment. Anything less would make it good, and we don't do average.

About Us

Right now you're good... But you want to be great.
EPIC makes the difference


Over 30 years coaching, consulting and training experience at the coalface of presentations, pitch management and executive communication development. We've trained over 10,000 people in 8 countries.


Certified Master Coach, author and creator of the 13 Box Presentation System and now the EPIC Presenters Master of Influence programs.


Developed where the Pitch meets the Prospect, our programs have been developed working side by side with business leaders, executive teams and professionals on real projects, pitches and presentations.


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